“Gwenved: Four Directions” is a digital shamanic ritual presented as a one-night meditative ceremony dedicated to four cardinal directions, enclosed between celestial and telluric energies.

From the time of early historical accounts to the present day, people have recognized that cyclic or rythmic patterns are an integral part of the functionnal of all dynamic systems. Originating at a level probably outiside of our own universes, these cycles affect all other dynamic systems residing within our universes. In a stair-step or domino-like manner, the cosmic cycles affect our universe, which then affects the solar system, which then affects the Earth, and so on down throught Earth’s climate, seasons, inhabitants right down to the smallest particle within an atom. Since all things are integrally connected in this way, everything affects evrything else. Nothing escapes this process.

The purpose of Gwenved ritual is to explore how the cycles of our human consciousness relate to the cycles of our environnement. What for example do the seasons describe ? How does the activity of each season affect our emotions and mind during that season ? if we are truly meant to be one with the universe, shouldn’t our lifestyles be synchronized with nature ? what would that experience really be like ? How does our lack of synchronicity with the universe affect us ?

Thus universally occuring variations affect all living things. Plants and animals awaken in the sping of the year, develop and mature in the sumler, slow down in the fall and rest in the winter. People are meant to respond to the seasons in an identical manner. Consider our responses to the seasons : we want to begin anew by doing spring cleaning ; we experience a childlike summer mentality when we take time away from our usual routines to have the opportunity to grow and expand unobstructively ; we take slow walks as we experience the beauty of fall ; we feel coldness and stillness during the very dead of winter.

There is a great importance in the messages conveyed to us by the seasons. Spring has always been a time to revive and summer a time to fulfill. Fall clearly describes maturity verging on decline, while winter is nature’s way of clearing off the old and creating a foundation for a fresh start. Spring and summer define and create externalization, a time for growth, movement and fruition, whereas fall and winter encourage internalization, a gradual slowing down, a time for quiet introspection and rest.

Gwenved is litteraly the « White World » in neodruidism. Circle of happiness and fulfillment, it is exceeding the cycle of incarnations symbolized by Abred and the rythmic sequences of natural phenomena.

Only wise men can reach the White World.

June 2017
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