A free hand for Hierophantes to create one hour and a half of a live radiophonic performance.

“The freedom offered by this free hand allows us to consider this event as a unusual performance regarding our previous experiments. The radio is particularly fascinating because of the contrast it creates between the intimacy of the studio and the listeners sometimes located thousands miles away who get those sounds in many different contexts.

We would like to take this opportunity to express through text and sound atmospheres some beliefs that drive our creative process and artistic research within Hierophantes. We believe that sensitive experience is the most direct way to the unary experience, which many cultural traditions describe as mystical experience. Whatever the name we give to these experiences, only matters the spiritual and aesthetic experience. That is why most of our performances are rituals. When doors of perception are wide open – as William Blake says – images and sounds invite participants to travel through emotional and cognitive states in the meeting of their own consciousness and the experiment of the indissoluble and permanent link that connect them to reality.”

Music was especially composed for this event and put in depth in texts for a trip involving our sensory perceptions.

“Night Dance” was broadcasted the 2 February 2010, in collaboration with Nathalie McGrath and Enrick Perez for “Muzart”, a contemporary art program on Radio Libertaire (Paris, France – 89.4).




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