At the origins:
Audio and visual sequences are composed from the same text, in order to establish between the two media an unequivocal indirect link. In the book from which was initiated this writing artwork, The Birth of Tragedy (1872), the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche wondered about the conjunction between musical and plastic forms in the antique drama : Gestes is a synesthesic interpretation attempt of the cerative dialectic between dionysian trance –primitive energy of music – and apollonian dream – the nice looking plastic sublimation. Audio and visual architectures evolves therefore between three types of forms that act as dionysian, apollonian and tragic attractors.

Physical description:
Installation ideally takes place in a fifteen meters long room. At the opposite side of the entry, an aluminised 16/9 screen with 6 meters base appears, thanks to a stereoscopic polarimétric process, like a light eye opened onto a transparent space full of moving abstract forms. The room is equipped with a sonic 4:1 diffusion system enabling sound spatialization around spectators. Public dives acoustic and chromatic wave. An IR video camera captures the visitors’ displacements and movements that can also influence the installation evolution.

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